Happy ending massage for women in Knoxville, TN

Sensual Massage
For Women

Sensual pleasure is not only an important part of whole-person health, it’s a human right.

Here, you can close your eyes… turn off your mind…

…and truly let go.

By experiencing respectful, therapeutic touch in the places you most need it, you can:

• relieve stress…

• release your feminine energy…

• and unlock your body’s potential for pleasure!

About Here She Comes

No drama, no complications…

…and your limits are always respected.

Relax, relieve, and release — in the ways your body craves most.

Safe, Respectful, and Discreet

Experience a unique hands-on approach to your personal pleasures, where the focus is on you and only you.

Sessions conducted in a non-judgmental atmosphere of trust, professionalism and respect. All limits respected at all times.

Located in a private, centrally located home in Knoxville, TN. 

Hello … Meet Your Pleasure Provider

Known simply as Guy, I am a warm and welcoming white, educated, middle-aged professional. Average height & weight. Cute and clean.

It is a privilege to provide this service, and I have deep admiration and respect for any woman who empowers herself to take ownership of her body and soul in this way.

About You

You’re a believer in self care and the importance it plays in both your physical and mental wellbeing.

You seek to unlock your body’s full potential via therapeutic touch focused on pleasure-receptive areas.

You’re open to alternative bodywork modalities designed to elicit heightened sensations and a euphoric sense of release.

You’re a legal adult.

Important Information

Here She Comes is a part-time, non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing holistic alternative approaches to women’s personal satisfaction and well-being. The service is intended for body-positive individuals who believe in the merits of such therapies. Sessions do not include any type of muscle manipulation or deep tissue massage, but rather, soft meditative touch designed to awaken the senses. Sessions are complimentary. While donations are appreciated if you feel the service you received warrants it, they are completely optional.

This is truly no-strings-attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Guy?
  • What happens during a session?
  • How can I be sure this is safe & confidential?

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