Happy Ending Massage for Women

Female happy ending massage Knoxville

Can women get a happy ending massage?

Yes, you can get female happy ending massages in Knoxville, TN.

Women love massages, and women like orgasms. So why not have the two together?

It is true that far more women seek erotic and sensual massages than is public knowledge.

More than 14,000 spas are located in the United States. They generate around $10 billion annually in revenue and have a predominantly female clientele that averages more than 100 millions visits each year.

It can be difficult to forget about sex when you’re in low lighting, soft music is playing, and your body is getting a heavy rubbing. However, until recently, sex and erotic touch were taboo for women who received massage.

Some women get really into the massage and eventually want to experience erotic touch. Others seek out a peaceful place to get a happy ending. Women can present themselves as ready for an explicit erotic experience through body language or other subtle alluring behaviors.

I know this because I am a male sex-positive pleasure giver, and I help women in Knoxville, TN enjoy happy endings.

Many women have indicated to me over the years that they desire to express their feminine sexual energy. These women are not stereotyped and come from many social backgrounds.

I’ve learned a lot about the art and craft of erotic touch. 

I don’t care for the expression “happy ending”. It is a cheap, vulgar term that suits the “massage parlors”, which cater to men looking for quick, 15-, 30- and 60-minute sessions.

According to my understanding of the female mind, most women find the “happy ending” model of an erotic relationship outside of a romantic one to be repulsive.

But “happy endings” for women can be sex-positive, and are great learning opportunities for those who are open.

How can you keep from embarrassing yourself and still be fully satisfied if you love the idea?

It’s simple — you can’t ask for a happy ending female massage at your Knoxville Massage Envy location.

Instead, request an appointment at Here She Comes.

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